Unveiling the magic of SEO marketing for Charity

SEO is a term no longer unfamiliar to the general public. Search engine optimization has assumed a vital role in many businesses. Often, SEO is treated as a reverend subject in digital world. It is still a myth to most of the people, however. In this article, we are going to look at those factors which are crux of search engine optimization. To make it simple, we will simply discuss the top tips and techniques employed in Search Engine Optimization.

  • Marketing Mobile Users:

Mobile users are slowly over taking Desktop users. Hence, a large chunk of traffic is coming via Mobiles. Hence, a website must be designed on a theme that is equally responding to both Smartphone and Desktop. You have to consider another important aspect as well. It is a tale of past when you could write an essay and a PC user would read it without much of ado. Now days, time is short and hence, a mobile user simply scrolls down and down with his thumb, giving a precursory glance here and there.  Hence, you have to be succinct and precise in your content.

  • Content:

Ask any SEO expert, what is fundamental in Search engine optimization and he will give you the same answer: Content. Yes, what your web page displays is of vital importance. Text has to be presented in a grammatically correct and a fathomable manner. You cannot bombard a reader with information in a mumbo jumbo way. Employing Flotsam and Jetsam is only going to hurt your cause.

      3- Images:

Content cannot be all dry. You have to build it up with suitable images and videos. A user gets bored if he sees a long rant about the concerned topic but no images or videos. As mentioned before, be selective in your choice of images as they are going to be viewed by both desktop and mobile users.

4- Social media targeting:

It is an experience of daily life that if a thing is popular on social media, it will be definitely on top in a search bar as well. The reason behind this is that social media reflects public trends. Internet marketing – Scott Keever SEO is the leading industry standard in today social media game for dentists.  It gives us a fair idea of what is popular in public. Hence, Search engine optimization has also started to target the social applications such as Twitter, Facebook etc. This has lead to the discovery of the fact that you cannot be in Google’s good books unless you are optimizing your website according to social trending.

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5- Playing the pay game.

So many platforms are giving preference to paid advertisers. This goes as much for Google as it does for Facebook. Be willing to pay for advertising for enhanced results. With the destruction of organic reach on social media, soon this may be the only way to gain any significant results.

Nevertheless, paid advertising is like learning a whole new language, so start with small amounts.

We hope that you liked our basic SEO tips!

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