Tips for Making Your Dog Comfortable While You’re Traveling

Making your dog comfortable every time you’re away creates a healthy bond between you and your beloved dog.

According to various animal behaviorists, in order to make your dog comfortable you have to spend time with him every day, which is something you can’t do because work demands so much of your time, or if you’re away traveling. However, don’t let your work and vacation time stop you from loving your pet even when you are away because there are techniques that you can do to solve this problem.

It is indeed a challenge trying making your dog comfortable even when he is by himself. A happy dog has a happy owner too so go over these tips and apply them to your pet. Below are crucial tips to keep your dog comfortable when traveling or at work.

Buy or create a spacious doghouse

The first thing that you can do is to exploit the fact that dogs love the idea of their own den by providing him with his own special spot where he will be able to retreat when he feels like it. Whether he is an outdoor or an indoor dog, this is part of your responsibility as the owner.

To create the den of a dog who lives outside is fairly easy, you can buy a doghouse, which has enough space for him to relax and sleep the day off or you can create an exercise pen that has adequate protection from the rain, rain puddles, the sun, and the wind. If yours is an indoor dog which you don’t want to crate, create his den by choosing a spot in the house where you will restrict him, and then measure a dimension that will be enough for him to move about.  Lastly, acquire a pet gate to fence off this area.

Place smart bedding in your doghouse

Next, get him to be comfortable with his den or doghouse by putting a nice towel, pillow, blanket, or a shirt you are not using that has your scent so that even when you are away, he will feel that you are around.  Also, adding a bed to the doghouse will allow him or her to feel cozy throughout the day (here are some of the best dog bed reviews we’ve found online if you want to get one).

Feed your dog with heavy nutritious food before leaving for work 

Make your dog comfortable by feeding him nutritious food so before you leave him inside his gated pen, you can feed your dog with a heavy meal in the morning so that he will just sleep off half of the day. There are also breeders who recommend that you buy two automatic feeders, one for food and one for water. These feeders release food and water slowly but surely so that your pooch does not grow hungry and also so that the water that your dog drinks stays fresh during the day.

Keep them occupied

Now always remember a tired dog is a happy dog and you do this through exercise but since you’re not staying around long enough for that, you can keep him occupied by leaving him a toy or two before you leave the house. It is recommended that you don’t leave all his toys with him, rather you can rotate his toys every day to create a diversified activity or buy a toy that can hide dog treats inside which will only be released after your pet has worked out what to do.

The last tip is before you leave your dog and when you’re home, give your dog a pat and a hug. This is a very simple gesture that goes a long way in ensuring your dog comfortable.

Lots of experts have cautioned against keeping your dog confined in small spaces for most of the day which is why instead of leaving your dog inside a crate before leaving for work, use an indoor gate instead to confine him to much bigger space.

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