We are an NGO trying to raise money for protecting the Indian Ocean. We make various campaigns throughout the year to increase the awareness about protecting the Indian Ocean and take necessary measures to accomplish it.

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We are an NGO trying to raise money for protecting the Indian Ocean.

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The ocean is surrounded by developing countries where people are ...

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4 reasons why we should be concerned about ocean conservation?

img-20Oceans are home to a huge ecosystem of marine species. They help in preserving nature and making the environment better. Climate and human activities are affecting the ocean ecosystem. Many species are becoming endangered. It is important for us to protect this ecosystem. Here are 4 reasons why we should be concerned about ocean conservation.

1. Oceans are the largest ecosystem on Earth

img-19Oceans make up more than 90% of the habitable space on the earth. According to researchers, 50 – 80% of all life is found underwater. But only 5% of it has been explored. By protecting the ocean, we will be able to discover all the ecosystem of the ocean. Rainforests, swamps, lakes, etc. depend on the health of the ocean. So, if the ocean is affected, these are affected too.

2. Oceans provides the greatest support for Earth

img-18The ocean controls the temperature and generates half of the oxygen we breathe in. It absorbs the carbon dioxide that influences the weather. We get food from the ocean.

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3. The ocean is home to some unique species

img-17Sea turtles live forever, and the first species of shark was found more than 420 million years ago. But these species will soon become extinct if not protected. According to the World Wildlife Fune, only 300 North Atlantic right whales are now left in the world.

4.  The coral reef and will be destroyed

img-16Travelers won’t be able to see the beautiful beaches or natural beauty of the ocean anymore as the coral reef will be destroyed. The marine animals will be affected too. So, the future generation will only be able to see water creatures in the zoo or aquarium. There won’t be any more snorkeling or diving in the ocean.

By taking measure to conserve the ocean we can protect the coral reefs and the marine life. We can have a balanced ecosystem and protect our environment.

Top 4 reasons for extinction of marine species

img-10Many marine species have become extinct due to natural causes and human activities. Despite several conservative actions, there are many species that are endangered. Here are the main reasons for marine species becoming extinct.

Climate change

img-13Climate change is caused by various things. The effect of climate change is very significant. It ‘s hard to keep up with the rapid changes in climate and temperature. Many species cannot survive in harsh weather conditions, long seasons or change make-up of their surroundings. As more species is dying, finding food has become difficult.

Changes in sea levels

img-14Due to melting fresh water, the sea levels are rising. The saltier and denser water sinks and forms the currents that marine life depends on. The rise in the ocean floor can displace a lot of water. The gasses that come out as a result of volcanic activity can be absorbed by the water, and it changes the chemical composition of water making it unsuitable for some species to survive.

Acid Rain

img-12When sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are put out into the atmosphere, acid rain is formed. Water droplets in the clouds absorb the chemicals in the acid rain. These eventually fall to the earth increasing the acidity of the soil. It affects the plant life. It can affect the lakes and rivers to a dangerous level.

Increased population

img-11More people are living in the coastal regions. Houses and other constructions are being built affecting the habitat. The water is becoming polluted and disrupting marine lives. Industrial fishing is reducing the marine population. Marine animals are killed for trading their parts. This will eventually lead to extinction.

We should take effective steps in protecting the marine ecosystem. Human activities that lead to a reduction of the marine population must be stopped.

5 endangered marine animals that we must protect

img-4Our ecosystem consists of plants and animals that are dependent on each other. The extinction of a single species can negatively affect the entire biological system.  The extinction of many marine animals like sea turtles and salmonids have endangered the functioning of the ecosystem and affected the ecological issues. Here are five endangered marine animals that we must try to protect immediately.

Hawksbill Turtle

img-5It is found in the tropical regions of the world’s oceans, seas, and gulfs. The population of Hawksbill Turtle has reduced by 80% over the last century. It is subjected to heavy trafficking in the tourist trade for its shells and meat. Many countries have stopped harvesting its eggs. The decline in its population is also due to the degradation of the coral reef species on which the Hawksbill Turtle feed on.

Steller Sea Lion

img-6It is the largest member of the Otariid family and the fourth largest seal species in the world. Since the 1960s it’s population has decreased by more than 60%. The reason for this decline is both due to human and natural causes.  The harvest by Native Alaskans and Canadians for oil and meat have contributed to the decline in its population. Predation by Killer Whales is also another reason for the lower population.

Hammerhead Shark

img-7It can be found in the tropical regions of the oceans. They are being killed for its fin. The process of cutting the fins are very terrifying. The fishermen drag them to board and cut their fins while they are still breathing. Then they are thrown into the water they soon they bleed to death. In many countries, shark finning is banned.


img-8It is the world’s smallest cetacean. Use of gill-netting for fishing is the main reason for the decreasing population of this marine species. The population of Vaquita has been dropping gradually since the 1940s. The population is falling at the rate of 15% per year. It is estimated that 500 to 600 Vaquita will soon become extinct.

Blue Whale

img-9It is known the largest living mammal on earth. Commercial hunting has made the population of Blue Whale decline drastically. Even though an international ban order was given in 1966 for catching Blue Whale, this mammal is listed as an endangered marine animal.
Both natural phenomena and human activities are to be blamed for the declining population of these marine animals. We should take action to stop the trade of these animals soon to save them from being extinct.