We are an NGO trying to raise money for protecting the Indian Ocean. We make various campaigns throughout the year to increase the awareness about protecting the Indian Ocean and take necessary measures to accomplish it.

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We are an NGO trying to raise money for protecting the Indian Ocean.

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The ocean is surrounded by developing countries where people are ...

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Top 4 reasons for extinction of marine species

img-10Many marine species have become extinct due to natural causes and human activities. Despite several conservative actions, there are many species that are endangered. Here are the main reasons for marine species becoming extinct.

Climate change

img-13Climate change is caused by various things. The effect of climate change is very significant. It ‘s hard to keep up with the rapid changes in climate and temperature. Many species cannot survive in harsh weather conditions, long seasons or change make-up of their surroundings. As more species is dying, finding food has become difficult.

Changes in sea levels

img-14Due to melting fresh water, the sea levels are rising. The saltier and denser water sinks and forms the currents that marine life depends on. The rise in the ocean floor can displace a lot of water. The gasses that come out as a result of volcanic activity can be absorbed by the water, and it changes the chemical composition of water making it unsuitable for some species to survive.

Acid Rain

img-12When sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are put out into the atmosphere, acid rain is formed. Water droplets in the clouds absorb the chemicals in the acid rain. These eventually fall to the earth increasing the acidity of the soil. It affects the plant life. It can affect the lakes and rivers to a dangerous level.

Increased population

img-11More people are living in the coastal regions. Houses and other constructions are being built affecting the habitat. The water is becoming polluted and disrupting marine lives. Industrial fishing is reducing the marine population. Marine animals are killed for trading their parts. This will eventually lead to extinction.

We should take effective steps in protecting the marine ecosystem. Human activities that lead to a reduction of the marine population must be stopped.