The Indian Ocean has a diverse ecosystem. There are many marine species here. The ocean is surrounded by developing countries where people are dependent on coral reefs for building materials, food, etc. These are good tourist spots also. The reefs in many coastal areas are degraded due to human activities and change in climate. This ocean protects deep water habitat and coral reefs. All over the world, the population of coral reef and wild marine animals are decreasing. So, it is necessary to take measures to protect whatever is left.

Why donate?

We are an NGO fighting for protecting the marine species in the Indian Ocean. We are trying to raise awareness at different levels, from the general public and those involved in fishing to the higher authorities who deal with marine life. If everyone from their domain can work towards protecting this amazing marine reserve, then we would be able to protect the species and wild marine animals of the Indian Ocean. Maintaining this site and arranging various campaigns in the community requires a lot of funds. We need your support to continue this noble mission.


Donation options

You can make donations in the following categories:

•    $15 single donation – you could pay for a compass or other tools for mapping coral transect to restore the habitats.
•    $30 single donation – you could pay for equipment to save the corals and marine species in the Indian Ocean.
•    $50 single donation – you could pay for one-day rescue training for a trainee conservationist.
•    Monthly donation of any amount starting from $1 to support our ongoing campaign to preserve the marine life and ecosystem of the Indian Ocean.

If you are interested, please fill out our donation form and send it to us by email. Please mention how you would like to pay. We accept PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard. We look forward to hearing from you.