We are an NGO trying to raise money for protecting the Indian Ocean. We make various campaigns throughout the year to increase the awareness about protecting the Indian Ocean and take necessary measures to accomplish it.

The Indian Ocean has one of the world’s largest marine biodiversity in the world. It has a very healthy reef system and the cleanest waters in the world. The ecosystem here is resilient to climate change and environmental disruptions. It has a very large marine reserve that includes different species and habitats. These are effective in maintaining links between the ecosystems. They support healthy populations of fish and other sea animals.


Every year, due to industrial fishing and deep-sea mining, many marine species are lost. If this continues, it will create an imbalance in the natural ecosystem, eventually causing some species to become endangered. Through our thoughtful campaigns, we try to reach those involved in the business of industrial fishing and other marine-related business and urge them to help in protecting the marine life of the Indian Ocean.

This site contains lots of information about the Indian Ocean and its marine life. You will find information about our campaigns. Join our campaign program to protect this wonderful natural creation.